My name is Mark Hoipkemier, and I am Tocqueville Program Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. My areas of specialization are political theory and public law, with a research focus on the politics of the economy, and the history of republican thought.

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My main research line is the application of Aristotelian concepts to contemporary issues. My dissertation, “The Political Economy of Common Goods,” applies an empirically-oriented account of common good to liberal polity, the market, and the corporation. A secondary research focus explores Machiavelli and his American reception, on the connection of virtue and institutions. My other research and teaching interests include religion and politics, urban design, and immigration policy.

Research articles and other writings of mine have appeared in the Review of Politics, Polity, Political Studies, Archivio di Filosofia, the Journal of Critical Realismand Interpretation. 

I earned a BA in Philosophy from Dartmouth College, and I studied as a Fulbright Scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.